More crafting has been happening, so this is what I have been doing lately. Also if there is any suggestions on what to make, please let me know and Ill have a go at it :)


So my super comfy black shoes have been used a lot, and because of that I ended up with this hole in the fabric on the inner side of the left shoe. I didn’t want to just through away my shoes, so I thought why not try to stick it back up, in a cute way. I ended up with a bright big red heart, All I used was a needle and some read thread and just sewed back an forth until it covered and secured the hole all up. This is how the result ended up looking like:




This craft is for all us people that cant throw away sentimental cards and letters! Its not only a cute way to keep them but it makes sure you keep them all at the same place! So all you need for this craft is some kind of ribbon or string and a hole puncher. You can either cut two long ribbons/ strings or one long one! I cut two ribbons, so that I could tie it together on the front as well as at the back, this makes it easy to add new cards to the front and older cards to the back.  All it is, is making a hole through your cards and letters and tie them together with your ribbon! Cute hey! I think its an excellent idea you can even make for your kids, to collect all birthday cards and letters all through when they crow up, and then when their all grown up you can hand them over this cute book of memories.

kortbokThe front

middlecardThe middle

backside+toolsTools and backside.


My boyfriend hand these favourite pants he could not use anymore, because of a big hole on the knee. So instead of throwing them away I though I could try to make them into short! What a great idea right!? For this craft I used scissors, chalk, fabric glue and needle and thread. The chalk I used to draw roughly where to cut off the pants legs as my boyfriend was wearing them. Then I folded a nice edge that I glued down with the fabric glue. Witch Help to keep the fold firmly down as I was sewing it in place. If you can, its probably best and way faster to use a swing machine, but I don’t have one here in Australia so I just used my good old hands :P





I bought this Moné art book for $5, and with this book I wasn’t going to keep it in the shelf, I thought to cut it up and use it to decorate card. This craft is easy to do for everyone, as you don’t need to be particular creative. And if you have a favourite artist you can use his or hers artwork to decorate your cards. Sometimes you want cards that just nice motives that doesn’t have any specific occasions on it so that you can give them to any occasion. I did add a little bitt of glitter on the snow-landscape card, and 2 strips of sparkley purple paper to the purple card, this is how you can get really creative. But I found that they where just nice super simple too. All you need is some plain cars in the colours you prefer, a ruler, pen and a scissor, and ofcorse a glue, so you can glue everything in place.





This craft is an old one, and its not as relevant now as it would have been a months ago, but I though ill chare it anyway. I made this strawberry cream cake for 17. of may a few years ago. I wanted a cake to be “Norwegian” without decorating it with the Norwegian flag. So I got inspired by traditional rose-painting. I think a design like this could also work really well for confirmation parties etc.. All I did was to buy a marzipan roll, and food colours. Then just blend in the colours and shape the shapes your after and decorate your cake how ever you want. Its such a easy way to decorate in a very simple way.






I made this mask for the Christmas party at work las year, and it was so fun to do! I basically just bought a black mask, and then glued on some lace, ribbon feathers and sequins. I also added a few pink flowers to match my dress. These where just flower hair bands I bought for $1. And to top it of I glued on a butterfly that used to be an old necklace of mine. To make something like this, I recommend getting a glue gun, just so you know everything will be nice and secure!

maskedressmaskThe dress I used with the mask, and the masterials i used.


I made a cute table cloth from some scrap fabric and black lace, I used Fabric glue to glue the edges and the lace in place, and then secured with needle and thread. This tablecloth is washable, and if you have a favourite fabric you could make your tablecloth out of that. So simple!


duk2The materials I used to make it happen :)


I made this canvas as a birthday gift for a friend. She is all about her family so I based my idea around that. I used a permanent marker to draw on the text and the outline of the frame. Then I used some watercolours to make a flowery background. I glued on 4 different pegs, witch I drew black and then on top of that I glued white hears witch spelled LOVE. The idea is that she can put her favourite photos up on her family canvas. Then I added some glitter and some gold paint.



Last Christmas I was going to a Ball with my boyfriend, and I struggled so much with finding a dress that I loved, I ended up with just a plain dress for $35. I though I could bling it up myself, and so I did! I sewed on a ton of sequins, (took Forever) I didn’t do it in any particular pattern, I just wanted heaps of them in a messy way, and I also wanted the sequins to go from darker silver from the sides into a bright light silver in the middle. Just a visual trick to make the waste look smaller.

sequindresssThis is how it ended up looking :)

Hope you enjoy this weeks post ! Inspired yet?

Thanks for reading, See you again soon.

xox nani









Okey so I have been gone for quite a while…but I am back again now for a while atleast, -and this time with a little blog makeover! yeeey! Hope you will enjoy some of these new crafts.


These 3 cards I made a few weeks ago. I was inspired by some cute gift tags I found at a cradt store and I just had to make something with them. I chosed 2 different pattern paper, added a ribbon here and there and I also used a papercutter to make the lacie part in the middle on the first card benith. Hope you get inspired aswell



The other day it was Norways national day and I celebrated it here in Brisbane. I have allways wanted a Norwegian Bunad, Witch is the name of several different norwegian traditional dresses. Since I cant affort getting one of those anytime soon, I desiced to decorate so black plain shoes I had lying arround. Here is the resolt I ended up with:

bunadsko1These where just made with some felt, nedle and thread and some silvery buttons.



for this craft you need some kind of storrage system made of cardboard, or I am sure it could work with plastic or wood aswell. I got these super cheep and I thought they would be perfect to store make up an other things I dont quite know where to store. I personalized them by simply drawing on each drawer what was going to be stored in them with a permanent marker. This could be a super cute gift to someone or just something fun for yourself.

boxeslet me know if you want any more details of how to make any of these crafts. More crafts will be comming up soon :)

Thanks, see you soon!

Uni is done crafts.

Hi everyone!

I have been having a long blog break, Sometimes I just need to put Uni first…But not anymore..!! because I am done, I never need to go back to uni again.. :D unless I want to.. I don’t feel that need right now, and I don’t think ill get that need within the next 10 years :P

So here are just a few project I have been working on, a lot of necklaces I can reveal. But have a look and hope it will inspire you to make some holiday gifts or crafts :)





This necklace Is made of clay, funky yarn, and some glue and glitter. Simple stuff! I started with molding an owl shape in clay let it dry for a day and then I drew my owl face on the clay with a black sharpie. I glued the black glitter on the black bits, and white glitter on the white bits. Cut out of paper a triangle shape to use as the beak. I just covered this again with gold-glitter and glued in place. You don’t have to use glitter at all, would properly spear you a lot of mess. But i just like the sparkles ;) Then lets not forget that i bunched up a bit of this black funky yarn and tied together and glued it on the back to look like the owls feathers.



This is a card I made for my sister a little while back. I don’t think it ever showed up in the mail, which is ashamed but, can’t do anything with that now. So it’s basically a card that’s shaped like a window, you open the front up, and can pic through a window. Then you open the actually card and it’s just photos of my family in this one, but I can really be anything behind that window. Could work really well as christmas card to. just them it christmasy ;). On the back i just added a little paper pouch that has a little letter inside.



Another Clay necklace, this was a fun one, I just shaped these triangle in clay, added some steel wire where the triangle attached to make them stick together. I also added 2 steel wire loops on the top for the silver thread. When it dried I glued lots of glitter on the different triangles I would recommend to cover it twice with glitter to get it all covered up. Then you just add your chose of chain and its done!



I just woke up this morning ans though, christmas globe decoration. When you decorate you family table for your big christmas dinner this year. Why not turn all the wine, beer or normal glasses on their heads, and create little glass globes. All you need to do is to turn your glass upside down, draw a circle around it on a piece of cardboard, and then decorate it! For this one i just used cotton balls. I glued cotton on the carbons as the ground and as the snowman i simply glued two cotton balls together as the body, and chopped one of the balls in half as the head. I then added some red felt as a scarf. Black paper was used as eyes and arms. Cut an orange triangle as the nose. As the little sign i just used the leftover cardboard drew a name on it and then glued that to the snowman. SIMPLE! and you can do so many different scenes!



This is the white owl I made, also clay (clay-crazy) draw your owl on with a think black pen. and for this one i made two sides, one side with the both eyes open, and on the other side one eye blinking. Basically this necklace will not have a backside, it’s from side however it turns. In between the round clay circles I have bunched up white yarn and glued it in place.


That was it for now, but I hope to upload more real soon! I am sorry about the picture quality, This is just an old really crappy camera, and hopefully if Santa reads my wish list this year, ill get a good one  that will not do blurry and grainy pictures :P

feel free to comment or ask any questions :D

The big week of bookmarks

Hi again :) so just a little quick update, It’s not huge amount of crafts this week, but, i though id share with you guys a few. I am doing a few christmas gift, that I might or might not show to you in the few coming weeks.

Bird Necklaces

This is a cute little thing you can do right now. These seeds can be found everywhere at the moment, and their perfect shape for birds. I used white paint, and black marker to draw my little birds. If you have white marker pen, that would probably be easier to draw with. :) Then I just used transparent nail polish to cover them up so they want come off with rain. I also hot glued on some circles so they can be connected to a necklace chain. On the little owl, I also added a ribbon.



My Best friend Gyda had her birthday on the 9 of september, and I was hoping this was going to turn up in time, but it came a bit late. This card had a little crown that you could slide off the card and put on your head, to celebrate yourself ;)  I made this by measuring head size, and then staple it together , cutting little pyramids that I glued circles on. Then I covered the paper with glue and poured glitter on top. This was not the best idea, because the glitter didn’t stick well. I suggest you buy a paper that already has glitter and you save yourself and the birthday girl for a lot of mess :P sorry Gyda <3

Book Marks

PandaPolar bearRed fox


All the bookmarks together

If you want to make your own design using my template, this is how I did it, This is offcors not the only way to do it.
On number 6 I have flipped the fox arround so that your gluing the background on the back. Just though id make that clear, if its anything else your concern or wonder about, just ask. And also if you really like these little bookmarks, you can jump online at Etsy and buy them for $3 there :)

Tooth Fairy

With this little necklace I tried to make it look like a white stone was a tooth and then I made a little tooth fairy in illustrator, printed it our and glued it on top of the stone. Then I hot glued the little norwegian coin to the back of the stone. So it’s bascically suppose to be a little tooth fairy transforming the tooth into a coin. the problem here is that the stone don’t look that much like a tooth and that the fairy is so tiny and you can’t see her very clearly. It was just a try, sometimes it work sometime it doesn’t. though id show yous anyway :)

See you again soon

xox Nani

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

Hi again my craft-folks :D I have a new update for yous, hope you like it, and that it will inspire you to craft a little yourself :)

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

This card I was inspired to use some tinfoil, and this ended up being the outcome, this is basically just different paper, in different shapes and some glitter.

Cup Cat designI got inspired on Pintrest to do these cup illustrations using a sharpie, it said that after baking in for 30 min in the oven. it would be permanent…..but NO I can sadly confirm it does not work. So unless you buy a pen that is specifically for this kind of stuff or china painting. I thought I just should show you them anyway :)

Cup Peter design

This was the other cup I made. it basically says one cup a hour keeps the engine running

Cat necklace

This necklace I made as a present for little Chloe, that turn 20 this weekend! hurray :D she wanted a cat and that was wat I made, a little fat cat. its made out of flay glitter and yearn, not much more too it really, just some good glue job and it all sticks together. Now I hope that Chloe will treat hear new pet well, and trim his fur every now and then :P


This nail design was also inspired by some pictures on pintrest, It’s just a blue coat, and then a silver coat a cross on an angle. Simple and it’s just something a little bit different. have fun trying mixing other colours too!


This was a quick bookmark I made for a friend, it sits in a corner, you can make all kinds of different animals or looks, I just made a cat for this one. This would definitely make a cute gift for someone who you gave a book or just someone who love to read.

Yoghurt Ice Cream

Tired of eating yoghurt in the normal way, just freeze it and then you have yourself a refreshing ice-cream ;) i recommend making them a bit smaller than i made them here though :)


I was freezing the other day, and i though, hey why don’t I try to make some slippers/socks, and so I did. These once are just crocheted and it’s not nearly perfect, but they work!! no cold feet anymore! definitely something to try!

I hope I inspired you all this week :P hope you enjoy, Anything you want to ask, please do! and make a comment if you feel like it.

See you soon :D

summer and christmas

Hi everyone :)

I have been so busy with uni, and that’s my excuse for not have been updating my blog lately but, here I am :D ready for new craft ideas? I think so! Enjoy

  Strawberry necklace

Spring is in the air in Brisbane, and it feels like norwegian summer, therefor i got inspired to make a necklace that would be made out of norwegian wild strawberries. SO this was just very quickly made in Photoshop, i basically just  used google photos of strawberries and flowers, and printed it out on paper, then i glued it to some green felt, so it feels nice to wear and coloured some thread green and added some necklace locking mechanism.


The mint plant was growing so much that it could no longer “stand up” so I hade the idea that they should have something to climb on, And I just simply shaped a round shape out of some steel wire, and tangled the mint arround it, then I added a name tag for the mint.

Polarbear necklace

I wanted to make another necklace with the yarn I used for my swan-necklace and so this time I decided to make a polar bear, and this is the outcome. It is made out of white flay and covered in glitter, I used a black waterproof pen to draw the black bits, and then I covered it whole with waterproof varnish. I also bough some silver thread to use as the “chain” for the necklace. Cute?

Birthday card

This time when I wanted to make a card, I though I should use a little of my designer skills, and so I basically drew the this in illustrator (computer program) printed it out, cut it and added glitter to it. what do you guys think? can you see its suppose to be a strawberries spunge cake?


Christmas Cards

This is two christmas cards I made. Its inspired by the christmas flower:  and pinweels. My idea for this card, was that the receiver is going to have to pull the silver thread and then they will discover that their card turn into a christmas flower, that they can hang as a decoration in their house, if they want. It’s just something different, and fun.

Week 4

Hello, back this Sunday with some updates of crafting for this week, I had another family member having her birthday this time, My big sister Betina, So an other card was made. This Monday I will start uni, and I don’t know how much time I will have to craft, but ill try my best. Anyway enjoy!

Pesto pasta salad

This is my favourite salad, so I though ill chare it witch you guys. What you do is just make your base salad, with all the favourite vegetables you like, and cook some pasta, stir inn a few big scoops of pesto, and let it cool down and then mix in with the salad.

My ingredients in this salad was:

  •     Lettuce
  •     Cucumber
  •     Capsicum
  •     Red onion
  •     Sun dried tomato
  •     Olives

Tea Box

I bough a box of muffin mix, made the muffins, and then I came up with the idea of making a tea box out of it. SO what I did was tape it all together cut off the lid, and then measure and double folded parts of the lid, to use as a middle divider inside the box. Then I covered the outside in a biscuit poster that I got in the Magazine Frankie. And folded some paper I taped to the back witch says tea. Simple stuff.

Swan Necklace

This necklace is a cute touch up to simple clothing, and its not to hard to make either. All it is, – simply form a swan shape out of white clay, and then when dry paint the face on it and cover with varnish, then I covered all the white in glitter and coated with varnish again. Then for the “feathers” I bough a white yarn, and tied a bunch together, and glued them on the backside. This idea would work for most birds :) maybe even other animals!

Sketch book

So I wanted to personalize my Sketch book, that I always carry with me in my purse, and this is quite worn, because its about 1 and a half year old but, the idea here is that you could draw all kinds of fun drawings cut it out and clue it to the book and put varnish all over it, a good thing to remember is cover the whole book with varnish, not just stop covering randomly around..Like I did on my, because then you can tell :)

Birthday Card to Betina

My big sister have birthday today the 22 of July, and I had to make her a card also ofcorse. This card I based on a waffle shape, because waffles reminds me a lot of my sister, she also have the families best waffle recipe! The card has to pages with different Design, and that is relay all it is to it. Hope you have a wonderful day <3
Have a good week, pleas coment or feel free to ask about anything :)


week 3 ;)


lets just pretend this is sunday… i had such a bussy sunday, and monday i was just too lazy and tired to do anyting. But today i am finaly upploading my sunday update ;) hope you all enjoy anyway!



Anniversary card

So this card I just made quickly for my boyfriend for our anniversary the other day, just because I wanted to say him some nice things, and well it didn’t turn up super masculine, but then again how masculine is love :P anyway this is what I came up with, just a simple card with some cut out, a few hearts and a space to write something



Meat pie wit potato and carrot mash

So this is another easy very recipe to do with puff pastry. Just brown some beef strips with some garlic and onion, spice as you wish, and make your favourite gravy. Then put your meet in the gravy and let cool down, until completely cold. Add into your pastry cups, and then I added some cheese before the pastry lid on the top, let cook in oven until golden.



Birthday card to little sister

This little card, was made as a birthday gift for my little sister, and it is a super easy card to do, you fold an A4 paper into a leaflet, and then you cut the paper diagonal form the top left corner to 6cm up from the bottom right corner. Then it is just about adding your design. HAPPY SOON BIRTHDAY CHARLIS <3



Branch Necklace

This necklace I made a little while ago, I first made a similar one, as a gift for a friend, and then I wanted one for myself too. SO this is basically made out of clay and then pained, and coated with varnish. I think if you had a silver chain or some kind of brown thread it would be even nicer, It is just so fun how you can make all these simple jewellery out of clay.




An other thing I made this week was two scarfs, I basically just bought some 3 dollar fabrics at Big W and then bough some fabric paint. The pattern I made was made out of carrots. This idea I got, because I recently bought this purple pants, and then wanted a scarf that would match the colour. Its super fun, you should defiantly have a go. Imagine hoe nice it can be, using leafs or other fun stuff that you find around.

have questions? feel free to ask :)

This was it for this week, but ill have more next week,

see you then xox

Week 2 of Craftyness

Hi, everyone, its me back with some blogging updates, om my crafty situation ;) I have decided that each Sunday I will put up a blog about what I have been crafting that week, or maybe things that I have crafted before I started blogging. So make sure that you pop by each Sunday and it will make me really happy.

So for this weeks updated I have a few things I made this week, and a few things I have made before that I want to show yous.

Cute shoe makeover ;)

So I have noticed how Australians like their ribbons and This is such a easy way to pretty up your everyday shoes,  I just took out the normal shoe laces, and then measured how long they where up against some black ribbon, cut it off and inserted them to the shoe. You could use all kinds of coloured ribbons though, I think white would be quite pretty, or if its too cute for your style, it would defiantly be a thing to do, on little girls shoes. Make sure though you burn the edges on the ribbon, so that it melts and want start unravel.

Gift box

This little box I made a little while ago, as a gift wrapping box for my boyfriend. This is a very nice thing to do to personalize the gift your giving, particular when maybe the inside isn’t all that much personal. So I bough a pink ugly looking box, and found some old newspaper, printed out some of my boyfriend favourite things or things that reminds me of him, and just basically ripped and glued it on the box to cover it all up. Didn’t it come out quite nice?

Hipster straws

This was something I did for our housewarming party, we kind of had a Mexican theme going on, and I just had some black paper lying around, I folded the paper double, and cut out all different crazy moustaches, peers a hole in it and put the straw through and then I made everyone drink from a moustache straw. When you bend the from tip of the straw down, it makes you look like you have an awesome moustache. You just got to make sure that the moustache stay at the bandy part on the straw.

More shoes

I had some Photos of shoes lying around, from my introduction to photography that I had last semester and so I wanted to just display them somehow, and then I just though that how good would then fit just in the hallway, above our shoe rack. This is such an easy thing to do, and its kind of fun too, rather than having all portrait or “normal” pictures everywhere. Think of how many places you can do this with; – sitting on toilette photos in the toilet, or sleeping photos in the bedroom, or just coffee cups in the kitchen, whatever floats your boat.

In my version, the shoe pictures are not only random shoes but the shoes of some of my best Norwegian friend is Brisbane that all went home last semester, and so its kind of nice to have them there on the wall, to remember all the good times.

In the picture from top left: Trude, Kim, Silje, from the bottom left: Brock, Mia and Tine. I hope you all are having an amazing time <3 miss you!

Dads birthday card

My dad had his birthday on the 30 of June, and I wanted to make him a card, and send to him from Australia. It will come home late, but hopefully it will still be a nice surprise. I had the idea of making a card that you could interact with, and so I sketched some concepts, out from the idea that I wanted to display dad getting a tan, since it one of his favourite thing to do all year around, as long as it is sunshine going on. I made it so that the background, can be flipped into wintertime when you pull the black tag down. I also had parts of the front be elevated with small elevator stickers, witch you unfortunately cant see in the pictures all too well.

How to do it:

This whole idea is build on that you have a little paperfastner in the middle on 3 layers of circles, the middle layer 1 cm smaller that the two other once. Then you cut out a frame on the top circle layer that should be a above the paperfactner and this is where you middle circle will be displayed through. You make your 2 drawings on the middle circle layer and add a little tag so that you can pull it. Then you glue the top and the bottom circle together on the half left side along the edges. Then you stick things on the front to make it all pretty. If this was to hard to follow, pleas don’t hesitate to ask me about it :)

And yes everyone I am half black :P

Quick puff pastry desert

So my dear friends, if you ever have any left over puff pastry sheets, like I always have after making pies, then here is super simple way to make a jummy dessert out of it, All you need, is :

1 puff pastry sheet

1/2 cup sugar

2 tabs Cinnamon spice

2 small apples

You preheat oven to 150 degrees, and then you just slice your apples in thin  slices, shuck them in a bole with some sugar, cinnamon spice and stir (add some vanilla sugar, if you like vanilla ;) ) then when you have covered all the apples in all the goodness, and it has stared to kind of melt a little, its time to place them on your puff pastry sheet, that you have sliced in 2, Just make sure you overlay your apples a little, and in the oven it goes,

My oven is a bit screwed, I used 10 mins, but every oven is so different so just check, I had a little too much sugar when I made mine, and that’s not something you want, so I reduced the recipe to half a cup instead

Then you can serve it with either icing sugar, or with custard…Because your boyfriend is addicted to it. (?)

Love hands

So this is just something different to do for your nails, use any nail polisher you have and crate a hart shape on each nail. And then suddenly you got all love hands and. Make sure though if you have dark background on your nails, the top nail polisher need to be quite pigmented :)

Have a happy week everyone! And come by my blog next Sunday too, if you want to know more craft ideas.

See you then