Week 2 of Craftyness

Hi, everyone, its me back with some blogging updates, om my crafty situation ;) I have decided that each Sunday I will put up a blog about what I have been crafting that week, or maybe things that I have crafted before I started blogging. So make sure that you pop by each Sunday and it will make me really happy.

So for this weeks updated I have a few things I made this week, and a few things I have made before that I want to show yous.

Cute shoe makeover ;)

So I have noticed how Australians like their ribbons and This is such a easy way to pretty up your everyday shoes,  I just took out the normal shoe laces, and then measured how long they where up against some black ribbon, cut it off and inserted them to the shoe. You could use all kinds of coloured ribbons though, I think white would be quite pretty, or if its too cute for your style, it would defiantly be a thing to do, on little girls shoes. Make sure though you burn the edges on the ribbon, so that it melts and want start unravel.

Gift box

This little box I made a little while ago, as a gift wrapping box for my boyfriend. This is a very nice thing to do to personalize the gift your giving, particular when maybe the inside isn’t all that much personal. So I bough a pink ugly looking box, and found some old newspaper, printed out some of my boyfriend favourite things or things that reminds me of him, and just basically ripped and glued it on the box to cover it all up. Didn’t it come out quite nice?

Hipster straws

This was something I did for our housewarming party, we kind of had a Mexican theme going on, and I just had some black paper lying around, I folded the paper double, and cut out all different crazy moustaches, peers a hole in it and put the straw through and then I made everyone drink from a moustache straw. When you bend the from tip of the straw down, it makes you look like you have an awesome moustache. You just got to make sure that the moustache stay at the bandy part on the straw.

More shoes

I had some Photos of shoes lying around, from my introduction to photography that I had last semester and so I wanted to just display them somehow, and then I just though that how good would then fit just in the hallway, above our shoe rack. This is such an easy thing to do, and its kind of fun too, rather than having all portrait or “normal” pictures everywhere. Think of how many places you can do this with; – sitting on toilette photos in the toilet, or sleeping photos in the bedroom, or just coffee cups in the kitchen, whatever floats your boat.

In my version, the shoe pictures are not only random shoes but the shoes of some of my best Norwegian friend is Brisbane that all went home last semester, and so its kind of nice to have them there on the wall, to remember all the good times.

In the picture from top left: Trude, Kim, Silje, from the bottom left: Brock, Mia and Tine. I hope you all are having an amazing time <3 miss you!

Dads birthday card

My dad had his birthday on the 30 of June, and I wanted to make him a card, and send to him from Australia. It will come home late, but hopefully it will still be a nice surprise. I had the idea of making a card that you could interact with, and so I sketched some concepts, out from the idea that I wanted to display dad getting a tan, since it one of his favourite thing to do all year around, as long as it is sunshine going on. I made it so that the background, can be flipped into wintertime when you pull the black tag down. I also had parts of the front be elevated with small elevator stickers, witch you unfortunately cant see in the pictures all too well.

How to do it:

This whole idea is build on that you have a little paperfastner in the middle on 3 layers of circles, the middle layer 1 cm smaller that the two other once. Then you cut out a frame on the top circle layer that should be a above the paperfactner and this is where you middle circle will be displayed through. You make your 2 drawings on the middle circle layer and add a little tag so that you can pull it. Then you glue the top and the bottom circle together on the half left side along the edges. Then you stick things on the front to make it all pretty. If this was to hard to follow, pleas don’t hesitate to ask me about it :)

And yes everyone I am half black :P

Quick puff pastry desert

So my dear friends, if you ever have any left over puff pastry sheets, like I always have after making pies, then here is super simple way to make a jummy dessert out of it, All you need, is :

1 puff pastry sheet

1/2 cup sugar

2 tabs Cinnamon spice

2 small apples

You preheat oven to 150 degrees, and then you just slice your apples in thin  slices, shuck them in a bole with some sugar, cinnamon spice and stir (add some vanilla sugar, if you like vanilla ;) ) then when you have covered all the apples in all the goodness, and it has stared to kind of melt a little, its time to place them on your puff pastry sheet, that you have sliced in 2, Just make sure you overlay your apples a little, and in the oven it goes,

My oven is a bit screwed, I used 10 mins, but every oven is so different so just check, I had a little too much sugar when I made mine, and that’s not something you want, so I reduced the recipe to half a cup instead

Then you can serve it with either icing sugar, or with custard…Because your boyfriend is addicted to it. (?)

Love hands

So this is just something different to do for your nails, use any nail polisher you have and crate a hart shape on each nail. And then suddenly you got all love hands and. Make sure though if you have dark background on your nails, the top nail polisher need to be quite pigmented :)

Have a happy week everyone! And come by my blog next Sunday too, if you want to know more craft ideas.

See you then



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