summer and christmas

Hi everyone :)

I have been so busy with uni, and that’s my excuse for not have been updating my blog lately but, here I am :D ready for new craft ideas? I think so! Enjoy

  Strawberry necklace

Spring is in the air in Brisbane, and it feels like norwegian summer, therefor i got inspired to make a necklace that would be made out of norwegian wild strawberries. SO this was just very quickly made in Photoshop, i basically just  used google photos of strawberries and flowers, and printed it out on paper, then i glued it to some green felt, so it feels nice to wear and coloured some thread green and added some necklace locking mechanism.


The mint plant was growing so much that it could no longer “stand up” so I hade the idea that they should have something to climb on, And I just simply shaped a round shape out of some steel wire, and tangled the mint arround it, then I added a name tag for the mint.

Polarbear necklace

I wanted to make another necklace with the yarn I used for my swan-necklace and so this time I decided to make a polar bear, and this is the outcome. It is made out of white flay and covered in glitter, I used a black waterproof pen to draw the black bits, and then I covered it whole with waterproof varnish. I also bough some silver thread to use as the “chain” for the necklace. Cute?

Birthday card

This time when I wanted to make a card, I though I should use a little of my designer skills, and so I basically drew the this in illustrator (computer program) printed it out, cut it and added glitter to it. what do you guys think? can you see its suppose to be a strawberries spunge cake?


Christmas Cards

This is two christmas cards I made. Its inspired by the christmas flower:  and pinweels. My idea for this card, was that the receiver is going to have to pull the silver thread and then they will discover that their card turn into a christmas flower, that they can hang as a decoration in their house, if they want. It’s just something different, and fun.


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