Celebrate good times, COME ON!

Hi again my craft-folks :D I have a new update for yous, hope you like it, and that it will inspire you to craft a little yourself :)

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

This card I was inspired to use some tinfoil, and this ended up being the outcome, this is basically just different paper, in different shapes and some glitter.

Cup Cat designI got inspired on Pintrest to do these cup illustrations using a sharpie, it said that after baking in for 30 min in the oven. it would be permanent…..but NO I can sadly confirm it does not work. So unless you buy a pen that is specifically for this kind of stuff or china painting. I thought I just should show you them anyway :)

Cup Peter design

This was the other cup I made. it basically says one cup a hour keeps the engine running

Cat necklace

This necklace I made as a present for little Chloe, that turn 20 this weekend! hurray :D she wanted a cat and that was wat I made, a little fat cat. its made out of flay glitter and yearn, not much more too it really, just some good glue job and it all sticks together. Now I hope that Chloe will treat hear new pet well, and trim his fur every now and then :P


This nail design was also inspired by some pictures on pintrest, It’s just a blue coat, and then a silver coat a cross on an angle. Simple and it’s just something a little bit different. have fun trying mixing other colours too!


This was a quick bookmark I made for a friend, it sits in a corner, you can make all kinds of different animals or looks, I just made a cat for this one. This would definitely make a cute gift for someone who you gave a book or just someone who love to read.

Yoghurt Ice Cream

Tired of eating yoghurt in the normal way, just freeze it and then you have yourself a refreshing ice-cream ;) i recommend making them a bit smaller than i made them here though :)


I was freezing the other day, and i though, hey why don’t I try to make some slippers/socks, and so I did. These once are just crocheted and it’s not nearly perfect, but they work!! no cold feet anymore! definitely something to try!

I hope I inspired you all this week :P hope you enjoy, Anything you want to ask, please do! and make a comment if you feel like it.

See you soon :D


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