Uni is done crafts.

Hi everyone!

I have been having a long blog break, Sometimes I just need to put Uni first…But not anymore..!! because I am done, I never need to go back to uni again.. :D unless I want to.. I don’t feel that need right now, and I don’t think ill get that need within the next 10 years :P

So here are just a few project I have been working on, a lot of necklaces I can reveal. But have a look and hope it will inspire you to make some holiday gifts or crafts :)





This necklace Is made of clay, funky yarn, and some glue and glitter. Simple stuff! I started with molding an owl shape in clay let it dry for a day and then I drew my owl face on the clay with a black sharpie. I glued the black glitter on the black bits, and white glitter on the white bits. Cut out of paper a triangle shape to use as the beak. I just covered this again with gold-glitter and glued in place. You don’t have to use glitter at all, would properly spear you a lot of mess. But i just like the sparkles ;) Then lets not forget that i bunched up a bit of this black funky yarn and tied together and glued it on the back to look like the owls feathers.



This is a card I made for my sister a little while back. I don’t think it ever showed up in the mail, which is ashamed but, can’t do anything with that now. So it’s basically a card that’s shaped like a window, you open the front up, and can pic through a window. Then you open the actually card and it’s just photos of my family in this one, but I can really be anything behind that window. Could work really well as christmas card to. just them it christmasy ;). On the back i just added a little paper pouch that has a little letter inside.



Another Clay necklace, this was a fun one, I just shaped these triangle in clay, added some steel wire where the triangle attached to make them stick together. I also added 2 steel wire loops on the top for the silver thread. When it dried I glued lots of glitter on the different triangles I would recommend to cover it twice with glitter to get it all covered up. Then you just add your chose of chain and its done!



I just woke up this morning ans though, christmas globe decoration. When you decorate you family table for your big christmas dinner this year. Why not turn all the wine, beer or normal glasses on their heads, and create little glass globes. All you need to do is to turn your glass upside down, draw a circle around it on a piece of cardboard, and then decorate it! For this one i just used cotton balls. I glued cotton on the carbons as the ground and as the snowman i simply glued two cotton balls together as the body, and chopped one of the balls in half as the head. I then added some red felt as a scarf. Black paper was used as eyes and arms. Cut an orange triangle as the nose. As the little sign i just used the leftover cardboard drew a name on it and then glued that to the snowman. SIMPLE! and you can do so many different scenes!



This is the white owl I made, also clay (clay-crazy) draw your owl on with a think black pen. and for this one i made two sides, one side with the both eyes open, and on the other side one eye blinking. Basically this necklace will not have a backside, it’s from side however it turns. In between the round clay circles I have bunched up white yarn and glued it in place.


That was it for now, but I hope to upload more real soon! I am sorry about the picture quality, This is just an old really crappy camera, and hopefully if Santa reads my wish list this year, ill get a good one  that will not do blurry and grainy pictures :P

feel free to comment or ask any questions :D


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