Okey so I have been gone for quite a while…but I am back again now for a while atleast, -and this time with a little blog makeover! yeeey! Hope you will enjoy some of these new crafts.


These 3 cards I made a few weeks ago. I was inspired by some cute gift tags I found at a cradt store and I just had to make something with them. I chosed 2 different pattern paper, added a ribbon here and there and I also used a papercutter to make the lacie part in the middle on the first card benith. Hope you get inspired aswell



The other day it was Norways national day and I celebrated it here in Brisbane. I have allways wanted a Norwegian Bunad, Witch is the name of several different norwegian traditional dresses. Since I cant affort getting one of those anytime soon, I desiced to decorate so black plain shoes I had lying arround. Here is the resolt I ended up with:

bunadsko1These where just made with some felt, nedle and thread and some silvery buttons.



for this craft you need some kind of storrage system made of cardboard, or I am sure it could work with plastic or wood aswell. I got these super cheep and I thought they would be perfect to store make up an other things I dont quite know where to store. I personalized them by simply drawing on each drawer what was going to be stored in them with a permanent marker. This could be a super cute gift to someone or just something fun for yourself.

boxeslet me know if you want any more details of how to make any of these crafts. More crafts will be comming up soon :)

Thanks, see you soon!


5 thoughts on “HELLO! ITS BEEN A WHILE

  1. Hei Nani,

    elsker bunadskoene :) Håper 17 mai i Brisbane var fantastisk. Håper å kommer på besøk snart og da blir det reunion :)

    Klem Silje

    • Heia Silje :D

      Aw takk! du er herlig som deler og greier <3 Du er så flink og tøff som går freelands! jeg er imponert og inspiret! stå på :D når er det du tar turen over tror du? jeg er keen på reunion :)

      Klem fra meg!

  2. Hi Nani,

    You come up with such good ideas! :) I wish I was as creative as you!

    How are you by the way? :-)


    • Hi Hilde!
      Thank you :D
      I never forget that card you showed me on your birthday that your mum made you! It was so beautifull, so I think it must be some crativity in you aswell :D
      I am good thank you, just making life bussy while I look for a new job here in Brisbane! How about you, how are you?? its been ages!

      Love, Nani

      • Yes, it’s been ages! Maybe there are some hidden creativity
        deep down inside of me ;-) Hehe…

        Tenk at det er 7 år siden vi jobbet sammen i Moss! Hvor blir tiden av? :) Her er alt bra :) Jeg og Alexander har nettopp flyttet. Vi har kjøpt oss rekkehus i Indre Østfold. Vi trengte litt større plass etter hvert :-)

        Hvordan går det med deg? Blir du værende i Australia? :-)

        Klem Hilde

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