I made this mask for the Christmas party at work las year, and it was so fun to do! I basically just bought a black mask, and then glued on some lace, ribbon feathers and sequins. I also added a few pink flowers to match my dress. These where just flower hair bands I bought for $1. And to top it of I glued on a butterfly that used to be an old necklace of mine. To make something like this, I recommend getting a glue gun, just so you know everything will be nice and secure!

maskedressmaskThe dress I used with the mask, and the masterials i used.


I made a cute table cloth from some scrap fabric and black lace, I used Fabric glue to glue the edges and the lace in place, and then secured with needle and thread. This tablecloth is washable, and if you have a favourite fabric you could make your tablecloth out of that. So simple!


duk2The materials I used to make it happen :)


I made this canvas as a birthday gift for a friend. She is all about her family so I based my idea around that. I used a permanent marker to draw on the text and the outline of the frame. Then I used some watercolours to make a flowery background. I glued on 4 different pegs, witch I drew black and then on top of that I glued white hears witch spelled LOVE. The idea is that she can put her favourite photos up on her family canvas. Then I added some glitter and some gold paint.



Last Christmas I was going to a Ball with my boyfriend, and I struggled so much with finding a dress that I loved, I ended up with just a plain dress for $35. I though I could bling it up myself, and so I did! I sewed on a ton of sequins, (took Forever) I didn’t do it in any particular pattern, I just wanted heaps of them in a messy way, and I also wanted the sequins to go from darker silver from the sides into a bright light silver in the middle. Just a visual trick to make the waste look smaller.

sequindresssThis is how it ended up looking :)

Hope you enjoy this weeks post ! Inspired yet?

Thanks for reading, See you again soon.

xox nani