week 3 ;)


lets just pretend this is sunday… i had such a bussy sunday, and monday i was just too lazy and tired to do anyting. But today i am finaly upploading my sunday update ;) hope you all enjoy anyway!



Anniversary card

So this card I just made quickly for my boyfriend for our anniversary the other day, just because I wanted to say him some nice things, and well it didn’t turn up super masculine, but then again how masculine is love :P anyway this is what I came up with, just a simple card with some cut out, a few hearts and a space to write something



Meat pie wit potato and carrot mash

So this is another easy very recipe to do with puff pastry. Just brown some beef strips with some garlic and onion, spice as you wish, and make your favourite gravy. Then put your meet in the gravy and let cool down, until completely cold. Add into your pastry cups, and then I added some cheese before the pastry lid on the top, let cook in oven until golden.



Birthday card to little sister

This little card, was made as a birthday gift for my little sister, and it is a super easy card to do, you fold an A4 paper into a leaflet, and then you cut the paper diagonal form the top left corner to 6cm up from the bottom right corner. Then it is just about adding your design. HAPPY SOON BIRTHDAY CHARLIS <3



Branch Necklace

This necklace I made a little while ago, I first made a similar one, as a gift for a friend, and then I wanted one for myself too. SO this is basically made out of clay and then pained, and coated with varnish. I think if you had a silver chain or some kind of brown thread it would be even nicer, It is just so fun how you can make all these simple jewellery out of clay.




An other thing I made this week was two scarfs, I basically just bought some 3 dollar fabrics at Big W and then bough some fabric paint. The pattern I made was made out of carrots. This idea I got, because I recently bought this purple pants, and then wanted a scarf that would match the colour. Its super fun, you should defiantly have a go. Imagine hoe nice it can be, using leafs or other fun stuff that you find around.

have questions? feel free to ask :)

This was it for this week, but ill have more next week,

see you then xox


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